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Asinine Thought
formerly known as Cheeri-Oats
Thing, Is, and the Becoming 
3rd-Nov-2006 03:32 am
Things become what they are only when the becoming is a thing that is.

Therefore, to become (thingly) without first establishing a precedent for ising within the contextual paradigm of one's existence, being is forfeit and replaced with a spatial and temporal ellipsis.

To give this postulate political and social relevance, remember the existing nonexistent WMD's. The truth claim of WMD being was assumed but not properly solidified, thus the WMD was replaced with the ellipsis WTF and nothing ever came of anything, since nothing could become what it was due to the becoming not being an ising thing, at least in the conventional sense of thingness.

This is, incidentally, why Britney Spears drops babies, not because she is exhibiting an evolutionary mechanism designed to keep the gene pool free of worthless DNA, unfortunately.
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7th-Nov-2006 01:55 am (UTC)
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