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Asinine Thought
formerly known as Cheeri-Oats
Western Philosophy 
18th-Jun-2006 01:02 am
Socrates is oft and widely credited for laying the foundation of Western philosophy. If his dialectic method is the foundation, can Kant's "critical philosophy" be said to be the eyeshadow, and Freud's psychoanalysis the lip gloss? What then constitutes the eyeliner and colored contact lenses, Hegel and Jung? Are Derrida and Nietzche the rebellious g-string and clit piercing?

More importantly, is western philosophy a tramp of the streets, or merely a confused young woman cursed with a gaudy fashion sense?
18th-Jun-2006 10:05 pm (UTC)
western philosophy i think is, in essence, a horrible, horrible combination of pamela anderson and mary-kate olsen.
19th-Jun-2006 04:15 am (UTC)
it's mostly mary-kate, with pamela's lips and boobs. truly hideous, i must agree.
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