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12th-Jun-2006 03:00 pm(no subject)
why does donald duck resolutely refuse to wear pants? mickey does.
5th-Jun-2006 12:53 am(no subject)
i was just adding new interests to asi9_thought and decided to put in kindred: the embraced, and uh, theres a crapload of people who share that interest. there's also this, which i found ridiculous:


i think some of these people actually think its a good show...
3rd-Jun-2006 06:40 pm - speaking of time...
If one accepts the clockmaker theory of creation, would that explain the seeming relativity of time as merely the metaphysical effects of the clock of creation slowing down until God winds it back up again? Or, if you believe in the postmodernist theory of the digital clockmaker, until God replaces those funky ass nonstandard batteries?

3rd-Jun-2006 04:22 pm(no subject)
earlier today, mylifeisdukka86 and I found ourselves in the midst of a conversation about the meaning of time.

as this summer is going by far too slowly, we were attempting to figure out a way to speed it up. Rafi brought up the fact that time has no meaning but what we give it, and the rest...

Rafi: "and then, we could make space juggle time"
Me: "whilst balancing karma on it's tongue, wearing the thigh-highs of justice"
R: "and the thong of nirvana"
M: "with the pasties of enlightenment. So, we've chosen to define time, and basically all of einsteinian theory, as a stripper."
M: "what music would he/she/it dance to?"

after a not-so-lengthy debate, we came to the conclusion that a Weird Al polka remix set to a bad techno backbeat would be most suitable.

my question for you, fellow asinines, is this:
in your opinion, what music (if any), would be most appropriate for Einsteinian theory to get naked and shake it's groove thang to?
31st-May-2006 04:43 pm(no subject)
Although it is now common knowledge that the Earth never was the center of the universe, one can still postulate that the universe has a scenter. If so, where would it be and what would it smell?
30th-May-2006 09:35 pm(no subject)
mor-bid-i-ty (n): what those of us who are running out of bidity could use.
24th-May-2006 10:54 am(no subject)

i desperately and sincerely wish i had something clever or witty to say about what i discovered in roughly seven seconds of BBC news browsing. all i can say is, there are asinine thinkers out there who take themselves seriously and they're infringing upon our market shares. not that we have many to begin with, but how can one compete with such reckless asininity?
2nd-May-2006 02:41 pm(no subject)
All art is quite useless.

All uselessness is artistic.

Practicality is the banal opiate of proletariat.

The proletariat have no appreciation for uselessness.

Sloth is the civilized virtue of the bourgeois.

The bourgeois are the laughingstock of the sloths.

Sloths are actually farmers of humor.
22nd-Apr-2006 11:41 pm(no subject)
I have often wondered if my state of mind is politically stable. I fear that if it isn't, stability will come in the form of Freudian fascist neurons that will impose totalitarian synapses upon my thinker.

If this happens, I hope the freedom fighting cell-network within my gray matter will keep the spirit of capitalist plutocracy alive in the form of schizophrenic psychosis.
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