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Asinine Thought

formerly known as Cheeri-Oats

Asi9 Thöt
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We unthink the fabric of dismoving nonreality.
abstraction of tangibility, apeshit, artwork of obscure meaning, asininity, bronze maiden, bucket death, buffet catastrophe, bullshit, cat-dogs, cats, cloning machines, cold fire cooking, dada jugglers, dogs, dystopian perfection, existentialist dolphins, externalized introspection, faux philosophy, fnord, grammar of orthodox radicalism, hamsters on pogo sticks, hello kitty tvs, idealist realism, involunteerism, kindred: the embraced, lemon-lime citrus league, lens flare spatial anomalies, marklar, meaning of obscure artwork, mein pope, moose on a stick, morbid otter orgies, nietzchian slips, obscurity of meaningless artwork, odd volt batteries, of, onstar, orange-peel forks, other stans, perplexed hammers, pinstripe suits, piratical penguin paupers, pixelated reality, practical idealism, proliferation, pronouns, quarks, realized pixelations, shit fitting, spatial flare lens anomalies, sweet sweet nihilism, the mushroom kingdom's plumbing, theoretical pacifism, theoretical practicality, uncyclopedia, unexplanatory monologue, waffling