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Asinine Thought
formerly known as Cheeri-Oats
Satan and Headphone Cords 
30th-Dec-2006 04:05 am
There is a radical sect of Progressorthdox Jewish theologians that have postulated a tantalizing link between the evil Serpent of Genesis and the modern mystery of the phenomenon known as Spontaneous Headphone Cord Entanglement.

The theory suggests that the Serpent, ever an eternal source of mild to vaguely ominous irritation to the human population as a whole, has imprinted itself so deeply in the recesses of our minds that when we design anything of a serpentine nature, we subconsciously transmit these snakely mal-essences into them, which then manifest themselves in the inexplicable and tedious tangling of cords, cables, and ropes, although the most prominent of the offenders is by far the headphone cord. The fact that the headphone cord is forkéd like the tongue of the serpent has been referenced as physical evidence, while psychologists claim that the tongue of the snake and the headphone both exhibit severe cases of multiple personalities (which seem to be in vogue for dieties and divinity; take the Trinity as an example).

Personally, I think its a load of bunk. It's obviously the work of vagabond leprechauns.

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